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Amarachi Ruth sermons are spirit led and anointed. They will address the following areas;


Salvation remains the greatest gift to mankind. The riches of God’s grace are hidden in salvation: peace, joy, hope of eternal life, and the destruction of death. These are eternal values that can never be compared to any material attainment, and nothing in the ingenuity of man’s political scheme can guarantee peace here on earth except in the Lord—my peace I give unto you, not as the world gives. God reveals His deep love for the redemption of humans in salvation. God pleads with human beings to come back to Him and repent of their sin, no matter how deep they stumbled or failed, or how low in sin. God is still willing to forgive. This is God’s unique nature. There is no human being who can forgive sin or moral deviation, but God can. He cleans us like we have never done anything wrong. You will find hope in these sermons.


Christian growth and nurturing is so crucial—without it a Christian remains carnal and unproductive. There is the need to study the word of God, through the power of the Holy Spirit and the anointing. Also, suffering is an integral part through which God purges and sanctifies His people in order to prepare them to love and serve Him for his glory. Growth produces strong desire to witness to others about our faith which is evangelism that God commanded the church to practice, and can delay His coming back if the church does not.


The church of God needs revival periodically. The temporal and the material have greater appeal to humans than the spiritual which is not so visible, and often causes a believer to stray from the truth. The struggles of life also have a way of dampening our faith and causing us to wander away from the truth. In times of revival, the Holy Spirit enables us to see where we have erred and come back to Him. The church must seek to be revived after a given time. It is a spiritual vitality that keeps the church fresh, focused, and strong.


As believers, we look forward to the day when we shall see our Lord Jesus Christ who called us to love and serve Him. This is the greatest desire of every believer. Each day we prepare ourselves for His return by practicing obedience and serving Him with all our heart.

These sermons share all of these ideas.

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