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Through all our services, we remind our communities, societies, nations, and the world that home is still revered and is where it all starts—the shaping of the mind and the neglect of the mind, which at the end of time rises or crumbles. Home must not be neglected.

We offer specific educational programs on the following topics:


Women are a strong, integral part of the home and society, but why are many women choosing to be single today? Single-parent homes and fathers raising their children by themselves increasing? Is this good for women? What makes a woman beautiful? Learn more about this topic…


Children are endangered species in our modern time. They are raped, abused, abducted, killed, and exploited as child laborers and soldiers, instead of being protected and disciplined in a nurturing home environment. Learn more about why, and how these problems can be solved.

FAMILY IN CRISES: A program to restore families

As our homes crumble, we’ve dug deep to uncover the underlying cause of this disturbing modern trend, reshaping the American culture. How can families be restored? We have tapes, work shops, videos, class sessions, retreats, and more, instructing how to improve various difficulties of family life.

DIVINE INTERVENTION: Awareness program for sexual deviants

Our culture and society are obsessed with sex. The number of sex offenders is growing, raping, destroying, and killing women and children. Can sex offenders be cured or is it incurable as our psychologists and medical experts classify them? We offer a new approach that helps cure and heal sex offenders and reestablish their lives in society as responsible adults—without lapses.

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