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Are writers born or made? What moves you to write why do you write?

Amarachi Ruth works with you to answer these questions and more to help you unravel your innate talent and fulfill your writing destiny. We’ve produced all kinds of writing: scripts, books, short stories, articles, grants, poems, etc. Give us a call to find out how we can help you realize your dream.


Amarachi Ruth publishes books, poems, current world events, and more. We are searching for those “deep” thinkers, whose publishing projects deal with core issues shaping our societies and world.

Our publishing services include:

  • Editing your copy (not your voice) more info…
  • Typesetting and organizing your manuscript into a clean, appealing, and authoritative work of art more info…
  • Designing your masterpiece so that it supports and reflects your unique expression.


Edit your book, not your voice. Most editors edit your voice and steal it, but you will retain your own voice in your work, something unique to this publishing company.


It is one thing to have a powerful and attractive book cover, but another thing to open a book and love the inside. We turn your text into clean, clear, well arranged chapters with carefully chosen fonts. Each page is attractive and invites attention, creating competition works of art. You will marvel at your book when it is finished.


Your cover is everything. This site will design a cover that expresses your imagination, vision, and thinking. You will write your own blurb and retain your own individuality in your book.


Our production services include:

  • Printing your book using a top quality printer (hard or soft cover)
  • Market your book all over the world through foreign markets, distributors and whole sellers, and most importantly – YOU!

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