The Demands of Christian Discipleship (Volume 2)

Without strong and mature disciples, the Christian Church cannot stand nor uphold the faith Jude warned believers “to contend for the faith once delivered to the saints.” It is also impossible for the Christian Church to remain the greatest institution on earth for the spiritual destiny of mankind.

The times we live are uncertain and perilous: institutions are crumbling; many Churches are closing their doors at alarming rate; believers are floating from one Church to another seeking a place to satisfy their spiritual hunger, and many are succumbing to Satnism, cults and witchcraft. Atheistic philosophers are desperately seeking to nullify the Scriptures and make it irrelivant; morality is at its lowest ebb; the booming “voice” of the Church has waned.

“The Demands Of Christian Discipleship,” Vol. 2, exposes the core reasons for these problems – lack of mature, strong, fruitful disciples. When the Church does not nurture and develop mature disciples, it crumbles. Discipleship is the only way to glorify God. This book shows believers how to become disciples of Jesus Christ. It warns and encourages the believer to be strong in the turbulent time that we live in. It teaches the great doctrines and principles that have guided the Christian faith for centuries, and made the Church a living organism, not a dead one.

These principles cement and establish the bliever on the path way of discipleship. This book also teaches pastors and ministers to focus their goals and vision on the development of disciples, otherwise they are wasting their time. But can the modern Church pay the price of discipleship in a strong materialistic age. This book calls the sleeping Church back to its goal of growing strong disciples which is her destiny.

The Demands of Christian Discipleship Volume 2



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