The Demands of Christian Discipleship (Volume 1)

The Demands Of Christian Discipleship In A Strong Materialistic Age,” Vol. 1 is a warning of the consequences of lack of emphasis on the development of mature Christian disciples in the Church today. It strongly encourages pastors, ministers and believers to redirect their goals and vision towards the development of mature disciples in this present turbulent and uncertain times. This is the only way to glorify God.

When the Church doesn’t nurture and grow mature believers who serve in the local Church and the world, the Church crumbles. Lack of strong mature disciples puts the Church at risk as being unproductive, thereby ceases to be the greatest institution for the spiritual vitality of mankind.

The only way the Church can exert positive influence on the world and uphold the faith ‘once delivered to the saints,’ (Jude: 1:3) is by the development and growing of mature Christian disciples. Then and only then the Church maintains her sacred unique position as a living organism, not dead: otherwise she collapses and the believer withers.

But can the modern Church pay the price of discipleship in a strong materialistic age?

The Demands of Christian Discipleship Volume 1


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