What Makes A Woman Beautiful?

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Choices Determine Destiny

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The Demands of Christian Discipleship (Volume 2)

Without strong and mature disciples, the Christian Church cannot stand nor uphold the faith Jude warned believers “to contend for the faith once delivered to the saints.” It is also impossible for the Christian Church to remain the greatest institution on earth for the spiritual destiny of mankind.

The times we live are uncertain and perilous: institutions are crumbling; many Churches are closing their doors at alarming rate; believers are floating from one Church to another seeking a place to satisfy their spiritual hunger, and many are succumbing to Satnism, cults and witchcraft. Atheistic philosophers are desperately seeking to nullify the Scriptures and make it irrelivant; morality is at its lowest ebb; the booming “voice” of the Church has waned.

“The Demands Of Christian Discipleship,” Vol. 2, exposes the core reasons for these problems – lack of mature, strong, fruitful disciples. When the Church does not nurture and develop mature disciples, it crumbles. Discipleship is the only way to glorify God. This book shows believers how to become disciples of Jesus Christ. It warns and encourages the believer to be strong in the turbulent time that we live in. It teaches the great doctrines and principles that have guided the Christian faith for centuries, and made the Church a living organism, not a dead one.

These principles cement and establish the bliever on the path way of discipleship. This book also teaches pastors and ministers to focus their goals and vision on the development of disciples, otherwise they are wasting their time. But can the modern Church pay the price of discipleship in a strong materialistic age. This book calls the sleeping Church back to its goal of growing strong disciples which is her destiny.

The Demands of Christian Discipleship Volume 2



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The Demands of Christian Discipleship (Volume 1)

The Demands Of Christian Discipleship In A Strong Materialistic Age,” Vol. 1 is a warning of the consequences of lack of emphasis on the development of mature Christian disciples in the Church today. It strongly encourages pastors, ministers and believers to redirect their goals and vision towards the development of mature disciples in this present turbulent and uncertain times. This is the only way to glorify God.

When the Church doesn’t nurture and grow mature believers who serve in the local Church and the world, the Church crumbles. Lack of strong mature disciples puts the Church at risk as being unproductive, thereby ceases to be the greatest institution for the spiritual vitality of mankind.

The only way the Church can exert positive influence on the world and uphold the faith ‘once delivered to the saints,’ (Jude: 1:3) is by the development and growing of mature Christian disciples. Then and only then the Church maintains her sacred unique position as a living organism, not dead: otherwise she collapses and the believer withers.

But can the modern Church pay the price of discipleship in a strong materialistic age?

The Demands of Christian Discipleship Volume 1


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“An Ambassador’s Incredible Reminiscences” is my Uncles’s Memoir: set in the historic time of the coming of the missionaries in Nigeria, Africa. My Uncle O. U. Ikpa was part of the process of the coming of the missionaries. The incidents described are rooted in the Jbo culture of Eastern part of Nigeria then, just like Chinua Achebe’s book: “Thing Fall Apart,” used in American schools.

The specific time of these incidents was during the Biafria / Nigerian War, when my Uncle O.U. Ikpa served as a representative in Lisbon, Portugal. He served as Nigeria’s Ambassador to other countries before the war. He was a brilliant scholar and statesman; highly honored and respected by all. He was also kind and famous. He experienced incredible trials and great obstacles, and again and again, he miraculously overcame them. His faith in God sustained him, and hope that good will triumph over evil gave him the courage to carry on to victory after victory.

The world should really know and read such powerful stories of human triumph, so they can be encouraged to know that there is nothing impossible with God when humans are stock in the docks. My Uncle had a lot of faith in God and massive courage for human survival. His experience transcends racial line in that human suffering does not recognise color. Many people will love this book. It was only divine providence that could have kept my Uncle a life until his death in 2006 at the age of 77. This is a story of extraordinary circumstances, met with extraordinary courage amidst great devastation. It will encourage many.

An Ambassador's Incredible Reminiscences


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Poems of Hope For Our Turbulent Times

“Poems of Hope For Our Turbulent Time” is a book that brings encouragement and motivation to focus on God in our uncertain time. It spurs growth of the mind and spiritual as oppose to the materialistic and sensual part of our nature.

These poems illumine our minds to arrays of problems and struggles that plague our societies and how to solve them. They remind us that God alone solves human problems, not people. Hope in God gives confidence, stability, and peace in times of fear, like the time we live in.

This book brings hope to people in this peculiar time. We are reminded not to be afraid, but to put our trust in God, not in men. With hope, there is another day. With hope, we wait another day, until there is no another day.

Poems of Hope for Our Turbulent Time.



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The Nanny Crisis in America: The Abandoned Children

This provoking and TIMELY book focuses on the fact that daycare centers and nannies have replaced parental responsibility. Read about how this parental shift is reshaping the American family—parents are no longer disciplining, teaching, or nurturing their children, leaving them abadoned to the world’s whim, with little hope of growing into a strong, thinking individual. It also has a section where you can find solution to these disturbing problems haunting our children. This book discusses the array of problems our communities and societies face daily, and shares great insight into possible solutions.

The Nanny Crisis In America: The Abandoned Children.” A Look At What Has Gone Wrong & How To Solve The Problem: critically analysis the negative effect of extreme feminism on children, women, and men at the end of 20th century in American culture. It offers tips on how to rectify this problem. The book delineates specific incidents which took place at the end of the century. The book asks and answered the following questions – The American woman, did she achieve freedom? Was feminism legitimate? Did women exceed the boundaries of freedom? What is happening to the American woman today? Is she happy after feminism? What has happened to children and men after feminism?

This is the only book ever written that meticulously analysis the root cause of the problem Amarican children are engulfed in today. It offers pointers on how to maintain balance in a turbulent time that we live in; how to have proper focus on your home and family. Without the proper focus on the home, civilization crumbles. The home is where the foundation of a stable civilization starts. The minds that influence civilization are molded at home. Destiny, failure, success, strength, courage, hope are formed at home. So what goes on at home is very important and must not be neglected. Nations, schools, corporations, Churches, rise and fall when what goes on at home is neglected. The home must not be neglected. It is where children are raised and nurtured. Children need secure homes, without it they become unruly and grow up to be ineffective leaders: hece will negatively affect the next generation.

This eventually leads to a collapse of a nation. The Nanny Crisis In America: The Abandoned Children is a book that is relevant to all societies and time. It is insightful, wisely and intelectually written; extremely informative and thrilling. This book will help women understand the true meaning of freedom that comes from parent’s focus on the home, and raising strong future leaders of the societies in the turbulent time we live.

The Nanny Crisis In America: The Abandoned Children.


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Available Books for Purchase




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Up-coming Books

Our books are geared to solve all kinds of problems and struggles that affect human life. Come back soon to preview our up coming books as shown below;

  1. Politics: Law & Freedom—Is Civil Law Against the Freedom of Man?
  2. The Foolishness of War Is Greed by Nations of The World: A Look at Desire and How to Curb It
  3. When Passion Dies in Marriage: Can It Be Rekindled?
  4. Demands of Discipleship in a Strong Materialistic Age: The Devastating Effect on the American Church
  5. What Makes a Woman Beautiful?


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Training / Education

Through all our services, we remind our communities, societies, nations, and the world that home is still revered and is where it all starts—the shaping of the mind and the neglect of the mind, which at the end of time rises or crumbles. Home must not be neglected.

We offer specific educational programs on the following topics:


Women are a strong, integral part of the home and society, but why are many women choosing to be single today? Single-parent homes and fathers raising their children by themselves increasing? Is this good for women? What makes a woman beautiful? Learn more about this topic…


Children are endangered species in our modern time. They are raped, abused, abducted, killed, and exploited as child laborers and soldiers, instead of being protected and disciplined in a nurturing home environment. Learn more about why, and how these problems can be solved.

FAMILY IN CRISES: A program to restore families

As our homes crumble, we’ve dug deep to uncover the underlying cause of this disturbing modern trend, reshaping the American culture. How can families be restored? We have tapes, work shops, videos, class sessions, retreats, and more, instructing how to improve various difficulties of family life.

DIVINE INTERVENTION: Awareness program for sexual deviants

Our culture and society are obsessed with sex. The number of sex offenders is growing, raping, destroying, and killing women and children. Can sex offenders be cured or is it incurable as our psychologists and medical experts classify them? We offer a new approach that helps cure and heal sex offenders and reestablish their lives in society as responsible adults—without lapses.

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