The Demands of Christian Discipleship (Volume 2)

Without strong and mature disciples, the Christian Church cannot stand nor uphold the faith Jude warned believers “to contend for the faith once delivered to the saints.” It is also impossible for the Christian Church to remain the greatest institution on earth for the spiritual destiny of mankind. The times we live are uncertain and […]

The Demands of Christian Discipleship (Volume 1)

The Demands Of Christian Discipleship In A Strong Materialistic Age,” Vol. 1 is a warning of the consequences of lack of emphasis on the development of mature Christian disciples in the Church today. It strongly encourages pastors, ministers and believers to redirect their goals and vision towards the development of mature disciples in this present […]


“An Ambassador’s Incredible Reminiscences” is my Uncles’s Memoir: set in the historic time of the coming of the missionaries in Nigeria, Africa. My Uncle O. U. Ikpa was part of the process of the coming of the missionaries. The incidents described are rooted in the Jbo culture of Eastern part of Nigeria then, just like […]

Poems of Hope For Our Turbulent Times

“Poems of Hope For Our Turbulent Time” is a book that brings encouragement and motivation to focus on God in our uncertain time. It spurs growth of the mind and spiritual as oppose to the materialistic and sensual part of our nature. These poems illumine our minds to arrays of problems and struggles that plague […]


The Nanny Crisis in America: The Abandoned Children This provoking and TIMELY book focuses on the fact that daycare centers and nannies have replaced parental responsibility. Read about how this parental shift is reshaping the American family—parents are no longer disciplining, teaching, or nurturing their children, leaving them abadoned to the world’s whim, with little […]

Up-coming Books

Our books are geared to solve all kinds of problems and struggles that affect human life. Come back soon to preview our up coming books as shown below; Politics: Law & Freedom—Is Civil Law Against the Freedom of Man? The Foolishness of War Is Greed by Nations of The World: A Look at Desire and […]

Training / Education

Through all our services, we remind our communities, societies, nations, and the world that home is still revered and is where it all starts—the shaping of the mind and the neglect of the mind, which at the end of time rises or crumbles. Home must not be neglected. We offer specific educational programs on the […]

Ministry / Sermons

We produce spirit-anointed sermons that heal the mind and body. You will find strength, direction, and freedom for your daily needs and problems. PO Box 390894 • Cambridge, MA 02139 • 617-492-0631 Share This:

Film – Scripts & Production

Our soon-to-be-released film reflects the time we live in, the obsessions and struggles gripping our culture and time. It is relevant and timely. Please check our site frequently for updates of the film. PO Box 390894 • Cambridge, MA 02139 • 617-492-0631 Share This:


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